Verrao Low Profile Terrain

Bring Every Encounter To Life

You are the kind of Game Master who wants to bring every role-playing game encounter to life. Drawing a map on paper just doesn't cut it.  While you admire the artwork on the printed dungeon tiles, you can't help but think they work better as coasters.

No More Clunky 3-D

3-D tiles look like a great idea until you try to play with them.  They block your view of the encounter.  Plus it seems like everyone keeps knocking things over, interrupting play.

They disrupt your life too.  They are really bulky to store at home.  You will probably start out with a couple of plastic boxes under your bed.  But eventually, you will graduate to an entire closet dedicated to game tile storage.

Then there is the problem of getting them to your next encounter.  After you fill up your car's back seat with boxes, you will probably have to throw a couple more boxes into the trunk.   A little help from your friends is all you need to tote them from your car and back again at the end of the evening.

DM Scotty Shows You The Way

One day you find 2.5D dungeon tiles.  You can see the encounter.  People can play without knocking things over.  Game setup is fast and easy. Storage is minimized.

DM Scotty is brilliant!

Then you realize you have to make a new set of dungeon tiles for every encounter.  Do you really want to go dumpster diving for double layer corrugated boxes?  How many hours do you want to spend measuring, drawing, cutting, hot-gluing, pasting, and painting?  Wouldn't you rather be designing and playing the next encounter with your friends? 

After all, you have a day job and a family.  Now it looks like you have to give one of them up to craft terrain for your group's next encounter.

Dungeon Master G Almost Gets You There

It feels like you have found the answer -- sort of.  Deep down inside you know you are on to something.  But you really have to get the crafting part under control.  

DMG understands.  He shows you how to build modular terrain.  Now you can create an almost unlimited number of encounters with a small number of tiles.  He even shows you how to create accessories.

But you are still dumpster diving for cardboard. 

Verraro Low Profile Terrain 

Something here. 

Naked Is Instant Fun

Verraro Low Profile Terrain tiles are ready to play right out of the box.  These laser cut and etched tiles are naked - no paint or finishes.  You can leave them as is to age gracefully with play, or you can add your own touch to them by painting and sealing them.  Either way, these robust tiles travel well and store compactly.

Build The Tileset You Need

Verraro tiles let you create the terrain variety you need to enrich the game playing experience.  Because they are modular, they do it with a smaller tileset.

A single tile can be used in the multiple tilesets needed as players move through the encounter.  You don't have to drag everything out of storage to play.  Plus the smaller number of tiles means you save money.